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Welcome to ELSS

Since 1995, ELSS has improved the effectiveness and success of scientific communication. We match each client's manuscript with professional translators or editors knowledgeable about the specific scientific field. 

ELSS advantages

  · Trustworthy, confidential and secure
  · High-quality editing and translation
  · Specialized expertise and experience
  · Rigorous, but careful and accurate
  · Restraint and elegance in style

Our goal is to help readers to clearly understand our clients' intended meaning. To learn more about what ELSS does, click on the FAQ or About ELSS sections of this site or download our printable brochure.

News and Announcements

Announcement of New Year Holidays
ELSS will close for New Year Holidays from Thursday, 29 December 2016 through Tuesday, 3 January 2017. Editing and translation work might be able to proceed during this period if arranged well in advance, but days during this period will not count toward deadlines. We apologize for any inconvenience our New Year Holidays may cause.

Editing translations of professional documents for clarity, logic, flow, and cogency
ELSS President Rick Weisburd will lead a workshop in Sendai on Saturday afternoon 18 February. 
This workshop is Japan Association of Translators event of the Tohoku Regional Activities Committee. Further details will be announced soon. 
 ELSS is seeking experienced substantive editors with expertise in earth and plant sciences. Contact us for details
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