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Payment Info

Payment Info

Billing documents (seikyusho, mitsumorisho, nohinsho) are usually sent out about 10 business days after delivery of the requested work to the customer. If you require the billing documents or any other necessary forms to be delivered earlier, then please request them at least a week before you need them mailed. Most of our clients arrange payment from their research budgets through their institutions.

Payments should be made in yen to our company bank account within 45 days of the postmark on the invoice envelope (or the date stamp on the invoice email,  if you prefer electronic billing). The full amount due should post to our account; if any service charges are necessary on the sending or receiving side, please add them to the total listed on the invoice before sending funds. Additional service charges on the receiving side are necessary on the receiving side for funds wired to our account from outside Japan; these service charges should be paid in advance by the sender.

Bank account details:

 振 込 先:常陽銀行 研究学園都市支店  普通預金
 口 座 名:株式会社 ELSS
 フリガナ:カ) イーエルエスエス

For international wire transfer

Bank Name:     THE JOYO BANK, LTD.
        1-1364-1 AZUMA, TSUKUBA-CITY
        IBARAKI-PREF 305-0031, JAPAN
Bank Code:    0130
Branch Code:    104
Account No:    3310377
Account Name: ELSS, Inc.
Swift Address:     JOYOJPJT
Tel:        (029) 851-2136
Fax:        (029) 855-4522    

Customers for whom bank transfer to a Japanese account is difficult, can discuss with us alternative payment methods.

 ELSS is seeking experienced substantive editors with expertise in chemistry (especially physical chemistry, catalysis, materials science, geochemistry, and biochemistry) and plant science (especially agronomy, crop breeding, and forestry). Click here for details. Further details of the ELSS editorial requirements are here.

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