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ELSS Translation

ELSS Translation

Rendering text from one language to another is a challenging task, especially when the content is highly technical, as is the case for most scientific writing. Because they can understand the content and follow the reasoning, translators with specific technical expertise and experience generally produce text that more effectively communicates to readers.

ELSS matches each submitted manuscript with a translator with specific technical knowledge and experience of the technical topic. Manuscripts are translated with their ultimate purpose in mind. ELSS translations are rarely word-for-word. Since ELSS focuses on meaning and effective communication, we always try to understand the story being told and finds ways to effectively communicate that story to readers. Often the ELSS translated version departs from a literal translation, but instead follows the intended meaning of the original. Our focus on meaning leads to comments for the author wherever there is any problem for readers of the target language with logic, consistency, or cogency.

When each translation is finished, a second translator reviews the work in comparison with the source text, checking for completeness, accuracy, and clarity. ELSS welcomes questions and comments from clients after return of completed translations.

 ELSS is seeking experienced substantive editors with expertise in earth science, plant science, and chemistry. Click here for details. Further details of the ELSS editorial requirements are here.
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