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Welcome to ELSS

Since 1995, ELSS has improved the effectiveness and success of scientific, medical, and other technical communication. We match each client's manuscript with professional translators or editors who are knowledgeable about the specific field. 

ELSS advantages

  · Trustworthy, confidential and secure
  · High-quality editing and translation
  · Specialized expertise and experience
  · Rigorous, but careful and accurate
  · Restraint and elegance in style

Our goal is to help readers to clearly understand our clients' intended meaning. To learn more about what ELSS does, click on the FAQ or About ELSS sections of this site or download our printable brochure.

News and Announcements

 Spring Campaign
For manuscripts sent to ELSS from 29 March to 31 May 2019, we are offering a 10% discount off editing service. This discount is not combinable with any other discount and requires reservation requests via our web form at least 3 business days in advance. When applying for the reservation request for the discount, please insert the spring campaign code [SC2019] in remarks.

 Illustration service now available!
Having trouble visualizing your research for figures and graphical abstracts? Want to gain more visibility, understanding, and impact for your research? Illustrations can help!
ELSS can now connect researchers to professional scientific illustrators ready to bring your science to life with clear and engaging visuals. With strong background knowledge in science, our illustrators are experienced at creating images for scientific publications and for outreach materials to share your research with a broader audience. 
Want a quote for an illustration? Tell us a bit more about your research and illustration needs by requesting and filling out a questionnaire. 

28 May Informal Gathering
About monthly ELSS President Rick Weisburd invites friends, colleagues, clients, students, and former students to attend informal gatherings to discuss research, research writing, or whatever participants want to chat about. Usually these gatherings are at local pubs in Tsukuba. The next informal gathering will be on Tuesday 28 May from 8:30 pm at Finlaggan in Amakubo, Tsukuba
No reservations are needed for the 28 May gathering. If you want to attend, just come on the day.