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Translation English to Japanese

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The listed prices are current as of 1 April 2014.
English to Japanese TranslationDays2 to deliveryPrice/pageMin. chargeMaximum pages3
Super Express310,500円13,650円15
Hyper Express114,000円14,000円6

For editing and English to Japanese translation, ELSS defines a page as 200 English words; for Japanese to English translation, a page is 400 moji, including spaces and punctuation.  All listed prices include sales tax.  
  1. In unusual cases with extremely difficult English, we may add a surcharge to the above Editing (English) rates. Checking of the text in figures, figure captions, table headings and notes is charged based on the word count in these materials, unless there is an unusually large number of figures or tables. Specifically, checking based on word count is available at no additional charge for up to 2 figures or tables per page (200 words) of the manuscript. If there are more than 2 figures or tables per page, then 1 additional page will be added to the bill (seikyusho) for each 3 figures or tables (or portion thereof) above 2 figures or tables per page of the document.
  2. Weekends and Japanese holidays excluded.
  3. Jobs that exceed these limits will have the deadlines for that class of service extended by 1 day for each 15 p of editing or 6 p of translation (or portion thereof).
 ELSS is seeking experienced substantive editors with expertise in earth science (especially geophysics and geochemistry) and plant science (especially agronomy, crop breeding, and forestry). Click here for details. Further details of the ELSS editorial requirements are here.

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