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ELSS editing


Research, one of the most complex cognitive tasks, is inherently technical and challenging to communicate effectively, even for native speakers. Many peer-reviewed journals request that authors have their papers polished by a native English-speaking scientist prior to submission. ELSS, a meticulous specialist in research communication, stands ready to assist physicians, scientists and engineers with high quality editing service.


Editing comes in many varieties ranging from cursory spell-checking to complete rewriting. Usually simple proofreading of scientific manuscripts, while sufficient to correct the grammar and spelling, is insufficient to facilitate effective communication. ELSS editing focuses on the intended purpose for which each document will be used and the meaning of the research, thereby improving the effectiveness of communication.

Relevant Expertise

For each manuscript submitted to ELSS for editing, we try to match the research topic with editors who have relevant expertise and extensive editing experience in that field of research. Our editors (link to roster) have had formal training in science and many years of editing experience. Many of them have had research careers of their own. If you inform us of where to find author instructions for the target publication, we will follow those instructions. Note that our editors do not read Nihongo and will only use author instructions that are available in English.  If no specific author instructions are available, our default is Scientific Style And Format: The CSE Manual for Authors, Editors, And Publishers, 8th edition.

Double check system

ELSS uses a double check system. After our primary editor has completed his or her work on a manuscript, the paper goes to a second editor for a final check. A fresh second set of eyes will usually pick up a few minor problems no matter how skillful the primary editor. This double check insures high quality editing results.

High Standards

ELSS maintains high standards in our work and is responsive to questions from clients and journals. We take responsibility for our work. In short, ELSS editing service is outstanding for 5 reasons:
  1. focus on meaning
  2. rigourous substantive editing
  3. highly skilled editors with specific expertise
  4. double check system
  5. attentive customer service and responsive to client questions
 - ELSS is seeking experienced substantive editors with expertise in chemistry (especially physical chemistry, catalysis, materials science, geochemistry, and biochemistry) and plant science (especially agronomy, crop breeding, and forestry). Click here for details. Further details of the ELSS editorial requirements are here.

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